Kanex meDrive


  • R 699.00
  • Save R 300

Kanex meDrive makes it easy to wirelessly backup, share and save your family’ photos, videos and documents, from their computers, smartphones or tablets to an external USB hard drive.

Put Your Hard Drive to Work
No need to buy a new expensive hard drive, simply connect meDrive to your existing USB hard drive and free up space on your smartphone or tablet and backup your memories safely and securely.

Share with the Family
meDrive also provides a centralised storage location so you can access and share all your content in one place. Whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can view your photos and videos on any screen in the house. And because there is no Internet required, users can access the content on the drive over a wireless network.

File Manager App
Download the free meDrive App to manage your everyday documents like PDF, JPG and MOV. Ideal for Apple work iOS apps: Keynote, Pages and Numbers, files can be created, shared and accessed with its built in WebDAV support. meDrive also works seamlessly with popular WebDAV based file management apps such as FileExplorer and GoodReader for iOS and WebDAV Navigator and AntTek Explorer for Android.

Safe and Secure
meDrive is password protected and prevents unwanted guests from accessing your hard drive. Unlike internet based cloud solutions, which allow data to be stored virtually anywhere in the world by a third party vendor, meDrive has no monthly fees and gives you the assurance of knowing exactly where your files are being stored. The Internet is not required to access the drive because the meDrive is connected to your network. So when the Internet is down or Internet usage time for teens is limited, documents, photos and videos can still be accessed.

Easy Setup
With a built in auto discovery feature, meDrive can easily find the devices on your network and get you connected right away. Start sharing your personal content with up to 5 devices at the same time. Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices, Mac and PC


  • Create local cloud storage for local network users
  • Easily share and access files between iOS devices or Mac
  • 100% private

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