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Let us help you turn your Home into a Smart Home. Control Lights, Music, TV's , Irrigation, Geysers, Gate Motors, Garage Doors, Air Conditioners, Underfloor Heating from your Smart Phone and Tablet. Energy savings generated by only using electricity when a space is being occupied.

Owning a smart home in today’s modern world could seem like a distant dream, and many people may consider that they don’t live the lifestyle to have a Smart Home. I often hear phrases such as “Maybe one day I could afford one”,  “I don’t actually need one, but I can see the benefits” and “How can living in a smart home benefit me?”. One could argue that smart living has been brought about by the invention of the smart-phone, which not long ago was a distant dream to most people. So why not embrace the same attitude to the way we live in our homes? HDL home automation is an asset to your home and here are 10 reasons why.


1. Energy Efficient

Living in a smart home has many benefits to embracing energy efficiency which include being able to control your lights, heating and ventilation from your smart phone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world. This is beneficial if you want to keep your heating off all day while you are at work, or away for a few days, allowing you to switch it back on remotely upon your return. Cooling and heating the home is very important in the hotter and colder seasons of the year. Zoned heating is also a standard feature we can integrate with, so you only heat the the rooms you need to, rather than wasting energy and heating the whole house. Also, you can create a scene setting for “going out”. Just hit the button on that smart-switch on your way out and this will turn off all lights, switch off the heating and close all your curtains, automatically and with no fuss. Such scenes can be created for customised scenarios and can be actioned either at home, can be programmed to be timed or can be controlled remotely.

2. Affordable

A smart home is not as expensive as the myth that is associated with smart-living. Depending on the size of the property and which aspects you chose to integrate, a HDL system can be as affordable as a small car. If the property is for re-sale, it can add to the value of the property because switched-on buyers will be more attracted to homes that are complete with smart-technology. In addition to this, and you are able to more conveniently control where energy is used and when. If the property is for resale then the technology has the potential to reach out to “switched-on” buyers, who don’t want the hassle of re-wiring an existing property.

3. Easy to Install & Programme

Our approved, fully trained and approachable installers are located in Sandton. Our installers are equipped with knowledge and experience of what HDL stands for and are passionate about creating a system that is perfect for you. Through our thorough training courses, we strive to ensure that installers remain professional at all times, delivering a complete service from conception to completion for your project. At HDL, we pride ourselves in building people to people relationships and aspire to gain a full understanding of your needs. After consulting with you, the installer then takes the responsibility to ensure that the system is built in to your home, programmed to suit your needs and finished to a high standard so you can enjoy a new way of living in your smart home. A low maintenance, professional ongoing service and peace of mind are fundamental values to us at HDL, so gives us a try and see for yourself.

4. Convenience

The contemporary smart way of living is about on demand access. We can access the systems in our homes, any time and from anywhere, conveniently and safely. Programmed scenes are also useful, so the heating, lights and possibly music can be ready and in motion by the time you reach home every day. Other convenient features could include installing sensors in hallways, front door entrances, in bathrooms or the kitchen, so you will never need to switch on the lights in designated areas, as the sensors can detect movement, temperature, air quality and humidity. The use of sensors are practical for automatic lighting, heating, shades and notifications, and form part of the smart-experience.

5. Stylish and Modern

The design of HDL products has evolved over the 30 years of manufacturing. With many elegant and unique designs, the R&D department have always listened to our clients feedback. Therefore we have evolved in to a wide series of mechanical and touch switches to suit each interior, personality and individual home. The increasingly popular DLP has an attractive LCD bright screen with a selection of up to 8 pages that can be customised to suit each need of the home. The DLP has interchangeable faceplates, just in case you decide to decorate or change your mind about the colour. The glass plate switches come in a variety of styles to suit a tasteful, elegant home and can also be customised and uniquely designed to how you want the switch to look.

6. Security & Safety

HDL is designed to be integrated with a wide range of security systems. The main feature is the “Away Mode” which is activated  when the alarm is mobilised. This can affect the heating, lighting and shades to save energy, yet give an illusion of someone being home, by automating lights and curtains/blinds.

7. Adaptable

The flexibility of a HDL smart home system is increasingly in demand. All switches, faceplates and designs are all interchangeable and adaptable. Customisable upgrades for any switch are available to you at any time and are easy and ready to change yourself, without the need of an installers input. Systems upgrades are also available. So for example if you only initially choose a lighting and heating option, you can then later upgrade to integrate sounds, door entry, garage door control, AV systems, CCTV the list is as far as your imagination takes you.

8. Established brand

HDL has nearly 30 years’ experience, first establishing a place in the market in 1985. Now a market leader and established brand, HDL aspires to give you the best possible service and value for your automated system. HDL has offices in 40+ countries, available in over 80. HDL has been used in a number of prestigious projects such as BMW World in Germany, Park Hyatt Hotel Sydney, and the Savoy Hotel, London.

9. System integration

If you already have current systems in your home, we can combine this in to HDL. Sonos, iRidium, Demopad, LG, and CCTV brands have become increasingly popular in collaborating with HDL, and can also be added at a later date as an upgrade.

10. Free advice

Finally, free advice! We would love to meet you, give you time and discuss your requirements and needs. We are able to visit you on your site, wherever you are located, at a time that is convenient for you. Please get in touch with us for a free no obligation quotation. Please call, email or visit us today and one of the friendly team will be more than happy to help you with this enquiry.