HDL Intelligent DLP Switch


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The HDL-MPTL14.46 is a stylish re-imagining of our classic DLP module. With its seamless glass finish and capacitive touch buttons, the panel gives a user a svelte modern interface that enables unsurpassed command and control.

With a large ultra-clear energy efficient customizable LCD screen, messages, device status, and percentage information can all be displayed and effortlessly known. This enables a user to find the key system information they need quickly effortlessly. The fascia colour, material, and appearance of the HDL-MPTL14.46 can also be customized allowing a user to tailor panel to their exact specification.

Each of the seven different button pages can be controlled via any one of the 8 buttons, and each button can control 99 targets. In total the unit can control over 3000 targets giving the user unparalleled command and control over the system.

Each button is capable of controlling multiple targets, these targets can include HVAC, alarms, background music, floor heating, dimming relays, curtain actuators, and a host of other functions. In essence the unit can control almost any home automation device, with a simple touch of a button.

The HDL-MPTL14.46 series has a completely customizable fascia. A user is able to specify both the fascia colour, the material it is to be made out of, and if a flush mount is needed. This tailoring enables the module to fit seamlessly into any room.

Every page of the DLP can be completely tailored by a user, from fonts, languages, icons every feature and aspect can be customized. In addition to this it is also possible for the panel to display messages, the status of targets.

Users requested a faster way to access their favourite pages, and we listened. Thanks to the innovative HDL DLP shortcut menu users can have immediate access to their favourite pages with one press of a button. This shortcut menu works in harmony with the panels’ intuitive navigation structure ensuring that the young and the old alike can use the DLP effortlessly.

Thanks to the RGB LED button indication, each page of the DLP can have a customized lighting theme. This enables a user to know the panel status by simply recognising the panels’ current colour! This aids status recognition in dimly lit environments, and enables the panel to be used by the visually impaired.

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