HDL Enviro Panel

HDL Enviro Panel


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Unparalleled design, unrivalled control, Ultimate convenience 

Smooth outlines and a luxurious display, create the perfect blend of form and functionality. Take complete control over your home by managing energy consumption, HVAC, lighting, and security in a minimalist user friendly package.


Detailed Display

-As eye catching as it is practical the multi touch capacitive display responds instantly, allowing every detail on the screen to be clearly seen.

– To ensure readability in low light environments, the screen also boasts a customisable backlight capable of automatic activation.

-When the energy efficient screen is not in use a sleep mode will activate, awakening only when a user approaches.

Completely Customizable

-A fully customizable colour screen can be adjusted to suit any style or decoration. From deep luscious reds to cool creams, the panel can work in harmony with your existing interior.

-This screen customization even allows icons to be changed, or custom icons uploaded, so you know exactly what is being controlled.

Effortless Efficiency

Excessive energy and water usage can be discovered instantly, thanks to real time resource monitoring. This enables energy costs to be reduced, and also the environmental impact of your home to be minimized.

Complete Control

Total control over your every appliance and electrical system is available through a single Enviro panel. From lighting, curtains, music, scenes, sensors, timers, AC, floor heating, and security solutions you can know exactly what feature or appliance is being used, and instantly take control.

Specialized Scenes

Choose from preexisting scenes or create your own.

With a scene simply pressing a single button can cause your devices and appliances to work together with each other. If you want to watch a movie, activate the cinema scene and your curtains will close, the lighting dim, the projector activate, and the screen descend.

Superb Security

Turn your home into a castle, and safeguard your loved ones with industry leading protection. Multiple security modes are available from Holiday mode, to Night mode, giving you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.

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