Focal Diablo UTOPIA Colour EVO Bookshelf Speaker


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The bookshelf lousdspeaker Diablo Utopia Colour Evo, part of the Utopia III Evo line, is compact, distinguished, captivating, audiophile. Diablo is the ultimate vision of the high-end reference bookshelf loudspeaker, in the purest Focal's tradition. Largely inspired from the Grande Utopia EM Evo, it sets new milestones in the bass thanks to its new patented Power Flower. Fixed on a dedicated stand, Diablo Utopia Colour Evo enchants the midrange and the treble with its definition, demonizes the bass with a density and a power handling never reached so far.

Available in the colourways of the brand new Utopia III Evo line, it comes in the new metallic shades of the Utopia III Evo line for originality, or lacquered for a more classic look.

Focal has achieved an acoustic loudspeaker that is resolutely high-end whilst managing to be compact enough to look at home in the living room. Standing 43 cm tall, Diablo Utopia Colour Evo invites you to enjoy the pleasures of high-fidelity sound at your leisure. 100% manufactured in France, it is available in original new colours. It can also be installed onto its stand in Graphite Black finish.

The Diablo Utopia Colour Evo bookshelf loudspeaker offers a 16.5 cm woofer, based on the Power Flower LDC (Low Dynamic Compression) system. This patented technology produces optimal bass and perfect definition in the mid ranges. Diablo also integrates the cutting-edge technologies of the Utopia III Evo range, making it a high-end loudspeaker of outstanding quality.

Key features

• A reference compact loudspeaker

  • New Power Flower LDC

    (Low Dynamic Compression) woofer

  • Helmholtz resonator

  • Utopia III technologies: Beryllium, IAL2TM,

    Focus TimeTM, WTM, Power FlowerTM, OPCTM,

  • Gamma StructureTM

  • Dedicated aluminum/MDF Graphite Black finish

  • 100% Focal manufacture



    Type of loudspeaker

    2-way, compact bass-reflex loudspeaker


    Power Flower “W” 61/2" (16.5cm) Woofer IAL2 pure Beryllium inverted dome 1" (27mm) tweeter.

    Frequency response (±3dB)

    44Hz - 40kHz

    Low frequency point (-6dB)


    Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)


    Nominal impedance

    Minimum impedance

    Crossover frequency


    Recommended amplifier power

    25 - 200W

    Dimensions (HxWxD)

    431 x 258 x 427mm

    Net weight


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