Emitter I / Emitter I Exclusive: High-End Solid State Integrated Power Amplifier


  • R 192,000.00

The ASR Emitter I is one of the most advanced solid state integrated power amplifiers on the market and surpasses many competitor products costing substantially more. It comes in two versions, namely the Emittier I (2x250W / 4ohms) with separate transformer power supply with total buffering capacity in excess of 400,000 micro Farads; and the Emitter I Exclusive (2 x 290W / 4ohms) with separate transformer power supply as well as a battery PSU for the amplifier input circuitry with total buffering capacity in excess of 600,000 micro Farads.

The construction of the ASR Emitter I is totally different from conventional amplifiers --- the Emitter I is technically best described as a power amplifier with high level input selection and volume level adjustment. The Emitter I is equipped with a large and powerful high quality Philbert Mantelschnit transformer (2 x 700 VA), installed in a separate high quality casing --- this keeps the main amp unit from being disturbed by electromagnetic fields and transformer vibration. This is one of the essential preconditions for the calm and relaxing sound-spectrum reproduced by the Emitter I.

The current supply is equipped with an enormous amount of high grade buffering capacitors and ultra-fast rectifiers - this makes the power supply extremely stiff and stable under all listening conditions.

The volume setting features an ultra-precision gain-control relay circuitry, adjustable in 1dB per step with a total range of 75dB. Channel to channel volume level deviation is less than 0.1dB in all setting!

The ASR Emitter I has extremely short signal paths from high-speed input stage to MOSFET-driver and output stage that guarantees crystal clear, precise, spatial and smooth sound characteristics.

The main amplifier case is made from rigid and resonance-free acrylic glass instead of other highly resonant metal material - this acrylic material is audibly more neutral and smooth-sounding than any metal material, especially seeing that it does not counter-react (electrically and magnetically) with the sensitive components inside the amp unit.

All functions of the Emitter I are fully remote controllable - by its smart-looking Corian infrared remote control, or can be operated manually.

The Exclusive version of the ASR Emitters can be (optional at extra cost) equipped with and external Battery Power Supply Unit (PSU) - achieving a true heightened state of organic music reproduction. The Battery PSU supplies the Emitter input-stage section: this is the first gateway to ultra-low signal-to-noise ratio and harmonic distortion. The result is an exceptional homogenous, spatial and relaxing musical performance.

The Emitter I sounds extremely smooth, open and very detailed when compared to other conventional amplifiers, and is also much more stable under extreme listening conditions!


Technical Specifications

Description: Solid-state, multi-chassis, integrated power amplifier with remote control
Maximum RMS output power (Emitter I Exclusive) 20Hz-20kHz, 0.1% distortion, both channels driven: 160W/ch into 8 ohms, 290W/ch into 4 ohms, 520W/ch into 2 ohms, 700W/ch into 1 ohm
Maximum RMS output power (Emitter I Basic) 20Hz-20kHz, 0.1% distortion, both channels driven: 140W/ch into 8 ohms, 250W/ch into 4 ohms, 450W/ch into 2 ohms, 600W/ch into 1 ohm
Dynamic output power: about 1.5 x RMS output power
Frequency response: 0.2Hz - 500kHz (-3dB)
Damping factor: greater than 600
Distortion: <0.02%, from 50mW to -1dB under maximum RMS output at 1kHz; <0.1%, 20Hz - 20kHz
Input impedance: 22k ohms unbalanced inputs, balanced 10k ohms or 1k ohms switchable
Input sensitivity (for 150W into 8 ohms): level "61" = 2.0V; level "76" = 400mV
Voltage Gain: up to 28dB in position "1", up to 43dB in position "2", depending on volume setting
Signal/Noise Ratio: >90dB (at 1W/8 ohms)
Dimensions: Amplifier: 420mm W x 420mm D x 180mm H. Trafo Power supply: 460mm W x 320 mm D x 160mm H. Battery PSU (only for Emitter I Exclusive): 430mm W x 320 mm D x 160mm H
Weight: Amplifier (Emitter I Exclusive) 22 kg. Amplifier (Emitter I Basic) 18kg. Trafo Power supply (Emitter I Exclusive) 32kg. Trafo Power supply (Emitter I Basic) 28kg Battery PSU (only for Emitter I Exclusive) 26kg

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