AKG 495 Noise Cancelling Headphones


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Premium Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

"Of course 'NC' stands for 'noise cancelling' but it could also stand for 'no contest', because when it comes to pure, undisturbed sound, the AKG K495 NC headphones deliver high-quality performance and active noise control that are second to none. Durable and easy to charge through the USB, these top-of-the-line headphones create a perfect audio world: you get all the sound you want, and none of the sound you don’t."


Full specs

Audio Specifications
Driver: Closed-back headphones
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Maximum Input Power: 50 mW
Input Impedance: 26 ohms
Sensitivity: 121 dB SPL/V
Weight: 235 g
AKG Easy Compare
Style: On-ear
Sound: Signature sound
Connectivity: Wired

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